Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amazonas: Day 2 Visit with the Shaman

After our return from the canopy we went to see the shaman.  

 Apparently all kinds come to seek out help and advice from the expert medicine man.

The first thing he wanted to do was put us all at ease with a traditional ritual prayer.  Kate, Jake, and I volunteered and he told us to sit down and close our eyes.  It was kind of tough to do when I smelled smoke!!!  I wasn't sure what was going on behind me and wanted to make sure no funny business was  taking place with my kids!  Haha!

 Yes, it appears as though my head is on fire.  There was a lot of singing, chanting, waving plants and blowing smoke...
 and a couple really loud claps that made the kids jump and even let out a scream at one point.  So much for the ritual putting us at ease!
 The only picture Joe managed to get with all of our eyes closed!
 The bird decided to stay for the show

 Then the kids had tattoos painted on them from a special ink taken from the roots of a certain plant that the begins practically clear and eventually turns a bright purplish/blue color.

 The shaman's medicine cabinet :)

 It would get darker and darker for the next 48 hours.

 Joe and Luke and our buddy Rick's turn.  They were much better at keeping their eyes closed.

 How cute are they?!
 I loved listening to the shaman talk to us about all of the uses these fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, seeds, etc... have.  The information gets taught and passed down from father to son.  Scientists come from all of the world to learn from him and others here...I was thinking the whole time how much Mom would love to be here listening to this wealth of knowledge!!!  I have so much to learn!!!!!
 Don't we all just look healthier standing next to him?! ;) 

 Inside the bottle is a deadly snake.  Outside of the bottle is a plant that has the same exact markings as that snake.  Amazingly enough, the plant is the anecdote for a bite from that snake.
 Where they grow the medicine
 On our way back

 The sky had finally cleared and the sun was out!  Time to head back to base camp.

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