Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Puritama Thermal Springs

What a place.
 The desert really is something else.  
 This morning we decided to head to the thermal pools of Puritama.  We were driving along in complete brown and then suddenly, out of the blue and down below us, there was this tiny tube of shocking green!  That's where we were headed.
How does a river of hot water make it's way through this vast place?!  

Yes.  The GoPro is still strapped to a child's head.

 The villagers gave this place the name of Puritama, because it means, "water" (Puri) "warms (tama).
 We couldn't wait to get in!  How cute are those faces!! 
Look at how crystal clear the water is!  And it really was super warm.

We were all feeling pretty, darn good.  Who doesn't like a good soak?
 And the pools just kept going!  We went from one to the next...
 to the next...

 to the next... 

This was definitely a highlight for all of us!

The last pool before it was time to move on to our next adventure for the day.
No one wanted to get out :)

What a little piece of heaven in a sea of brown ;)

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