Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's My Birthday, I Can Sleep if I Want To!

 My birthday fell on Sunday this year.  5 days after we came home from Hawaii.  After the blur of trying to get everyone back into waking up early and actually being productive for a few days, and my normal, insanely, crazy Sunday duties, all I really felt like doing for my big day when we got home from church, was stretching out on the couch and closing my eyes.  
I had a few helpers in this endeavor.

 So, I decided to move to my bed :)   Wouldn't mind making this a routine!!!  Look what I woke up to!
Joe has perfected the art of guacamole making down here.  The avocados are forever abundant and we take full advantage.  The kids love to taste test and tell him if the guac is lacking in the salt department.  I think I could eat that entire bowl myself...

My day was wonderful!  Full of phone calls, hugs, birthday wishes, Facebook messages and followed up on Monday by a birthday brunch at a favorite down here (Quinoa) with these wonderful girls!  Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved.  Thirty-six already feels fantastic.  Its' gonna be a great year. 

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