Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

The annual wrapping paper wall was ready to be demolished in seconds.  
We tried to capture the whole thing on film, but when Kate's hair got caught up in the amazing tape job that Joe and I did as she barreled her way through, we had to put down the devices and help a child in distress.  
Checking out our stockings 

Sometimes it's the little things that that provide the most excitement!

Then other times, it's thick books full of answers to all of our many questions.

For Joe and me, it's the gifts made by little hands.

Furby Booms apparently get quite a good reaction too.

As well as iPad games...

Oh!  And a kid's computer (now they can leave mine alone ;)  Hahaha!)  

I LOVE lazy, Christmas mornings.  We followed all of the excitement with some homemade cinnamon rolls and then had the missionaries over so they could call their families.  While they were upstairs enjoying their family time, we were downstairs enjoying ours.  
So grateful for the Plan of Happiness that God has provided for us.  So grateful for my Elder Brother who was born into this world to be a Savior for us.  So grateful I get to be with this family forever.  Merry Christmas!

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