Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amazonas Day 4: PINK DOLPHINS and Tears to top off our day

 It had been another amazing day in the Amazon.  It would be our last full one and there was still one thing we hadn't seen that I was dying to capture.  
 Pink Dolphins.  

We had seen the females on the way to piranha fish, and that was cool.  But just like all females in the wild, they were more humble and lacking the vibrant color that the males possess.  And so, we asked Celso if he could find us some males.  
There was a lot of waiting.  Good thing the sky had cleared up and it was beautiful out.  Otherwise I don't think the kids would have waited as patiently as they did!

 And then we saw them.  Hard to capture these pink creatures on camera!  As soon as they broke the surface, you would squeal and they'd be under the water again.  But I did the best I could.  
These dolphins can grow to be 8 feet long and over 200 pounds. 
Legend says they are the protectors of the manatees.  So if you want to find one, you have to first make peace with the dolphins.
We never did see wild manatees, so maybe we'll have to come back :)  
Amazon Folklore also says that the male dolphins turn into humans by night and seduce the girls in the small villages.  Hmmmmm.... sounds like excuses to me....

 See?  They are truly pink!!!  
 We had witnessed, up close and personal, pink river dolphins.  The trip had been a total success.  Anything after our last 4 days would just be icing on the cake.  

We came home and opened the door to our room to find an envelope on the ground.  I quickly picked it up and as was our normal routine, we shoved everyone inside as quickly as possible to avoid the mosquitos sneaking there way in.  Once we took off our filthy, smelly, wet clothes and put our backpacks down.  I opened the envelope, thinking it was a bill needing to be paid at check out.  What I found instead, blew me out of the water.  

For the first 3 days of our time in the Amazon, we traveled around with 2 other couples.  Rick and Sue and Michael and Hanna.  You always worry a bit when you have young kids and you are with others who don't.  Would we be too loud?  Too whiney?  Too Obnoxious?!!!  I hate that pressure.  
Thankfully, these couples were extremely sweet and we really enjoyed our time together with them.  Well, we were able to say goodbye to Rick and Sue, but Michael and Hanna had left on an early boat back to Iquitos and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to them before we got back from our excursion for the day.  Inside the envelope was a postcard that made me cry.  
 Thank you, you two.  What a complete surprise!  And so much better than a bill!  This trip just kept getting better and better.  You don't know how much this meant to us.  It's tucked close by in my nightstand for those days when I really need it and you will always be in our hearts.

As I read and reread that sweet note, the kids busied themselves with books and games that we had brought with us.  When it was time to go to dinner that night, Kate grabbed us and whispered with a big smile on her face, "Mom.  Dad.  Look at how Jake solved the maze."
Laughed til I cried again.  

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