Monday, December 1, 2014

Kauai 2014 -- Annual Photo Shoot... at Major's

 But first we have to take care of a few important details 
like losing our first tooth!!!!!

 And applying just a touch of makeup with our bestie :)

 So let's get this thing started, beautiful family!

 The Berryhills

 Momo and BG and the grandkiddos

The Hansens

 The Girls

 The Girls and our girls

 Growing up too fast

 Love them with all my heart.  Don't love the candy that's in Jake's cheek.

 I've got some good looking parents :)

 Love him with all of my heart

 Still hasn't swallowed that darn candy, but man, this is cute.  He loves his Dad...and with good reason.

 I think these should replace the school photo we forgot about when Kate mentioned she looked like a boy because her hair was back in a normal pony tail :)  So very cute, Kate!

 Gotta have just a little sass...

The sun has set and so has our amazing day at Major's Beach.

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MC & FA Berryhill Family said...

Beautiful family pictures!!! Love to see all of you! They are growing up so fast! Miss you guys a ton!