Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Moments

 Jake discovering that he has quite the green thumb!  His friends were so excited to show him that the seed he had planted had produced the BIGGEST leaves out of anyone in 1A!  He was feeling pretty, darn, good.
 Tiffany Ordaz and I spicing up our Primary Program Practice.  I look like I'm ready to vomit.  Thanks for the flattering picture, Joe.  We were serenading the kids after stuffing 8 marshmallows each in our mouths because they earned it with their singing!  "Whatever it takes" is often a philosophy that is implemented in Primary.
 LOVING the new Unimarc grocery store and mini sized carts that opened up right across the street from us!  Luke requests a shopping trip multiple times a day.  Seeing him run around that store rates pretty high on my list.  
 Joe.  I know this says Luke, but it is all about Joe.  And what an incredibly creative genius he is when it comes to Sundays.  Currently he is teaching the adult Sunday School class.  But as soon as he is finished, he comes down the hall and peeks his head into the Primary room that I hang out in for 2 hours and says, "Who needs a teacher?"  And then he proceeds to open a door, sit down with a lively group of children who's teacher was a no-show that day, and not only successfully hold their attention, but teach them gospel topics in such an entertaining way, on the spot, that they talk about him to their parents during the week.  This particular week, Joe was teaching Luke's class.  It's true.  Kate, Jake and Luke LOVE having their dad sub on Sundays for them.  And I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for such a supportive husband in everything I try to do.  

There was quite a bit of studying to be done in November.  I came around the corner to find Kate reading to Jake one day.  

 Another day when the kids were at the table getting their homework done, Luke wanted to join in.  Gotta love that concentration.

 Kumon = complaining and more complaining but really good grades in Math

Practicing your letter skills if you are Luke Berryhill = hours and hours of total FUN!

Contributing to the "I'm Thankful for" heart at school.  My heart feels this big when I reflect on all of my blessings.  Jake LOVED scaling the wall to touch the heart he drew.

Bubble Baths that got a little out of hand... much so, that brothers were called in to enjoy the suds.

And finally, notes like these that keep it real.  

Don't worry.  We worked it out.

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