Saturday, December 27, 2014

Amazonas: Day 1 Iquitos

We flew from Santiago to Lima and then finally to Iquitos, Peru.  It was a longer flight than I had expected (proving just how big South America is) but thanks to all of the plane time our kids have had, we don't worry about that too much anymore.   In fact I heard Kate say once, "How long is this flight?  5 hours?  Oh, that's not bad at all!"  Got a good chuckle out of that one.

We decided to stay at Ceiba Tops with Explorama Lodges, right on the Amazon river.  When we arrived at the airport and got our luggage, we found a guy waiting for us.  He loaded up all of our stuff into his van and we were off through Iquitos to get to the dock where the boat would take us to our lodging.  
 The very first thing we all noticed were the mototaxis.  THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.  People don't really use cars in Iquitos.  They use these motorcycle taxis.  These guys are CRAZY!  They weave in and out and around the cars and buses, honking the entire time.
 It started to rain on our way, and the drivers all just pulled up these plastic sheets in front of their bodies to protect them from getting wet, and then peeked over the top to drive!

 The City Center

 And a whole lot of bananas!  We learned that all of the varieties of bananas that in fact grow here, even though they grow on trees, aren't banana trees.  They are giant herbs.  Who knew!!!  I was ready to try every single variety.  Oh and you can bet that is the back of a mototaxi :)
 We finally got to the port. 
 Our luggage was loaded and it was time to board the boat.
 As we walked down those rickety steps, my heart lept just a little.  
 I still couldn't believe we were actually in the Amazon.  
This was going to be incredible!!!!!

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