Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Rio Grande

This little town of less that 100 people exists because it was built along the Rio Grande River.  Anciently, it was strategically put so people going between San Pedro Atacama and Chiu Chiu had a place to stop.

 The Catholic Church

 Made out of cactus

 And herre's the cactus used!

Water Canal from the Rio Grande

 Don't think we'd be able to stand up straight in these homes!

 What everyone is mining for down here....Copper!

 This little lady was so excited to show us that she had been featured in a magazine over 20 years ago for her work.  We of course purchased a few of her items :)
The boys like to call their alpacas their "Fuzzies."
Muy suaves!!!!

I'm about ready to do a rain dance.

So humbling to see the people's way of life.  

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