Saturday, December 20, 2014

Other December Moments

Having playdates with friends
(Luke and Jaya)

 As well as with dogs!
(Luke and Maple)

 Tearing it up in lane #5
 Being a bit sarcastic (I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard at this one).  My kids go to Kumon.  They don't like Kumon.  They complain about Kumon and even cry over Kumon.  But I make them do it.  So to find broken pretzel pieces in the shape of a heart on top of a Kumon, just took the cake.  Either someone was trying to be funny or trying to procrastinate big time.

 Continuing our love for bubbles.
 Luke.  I love this face.  I was driving along with him in the car and he starts singing, "when I was zero I was so cute, cute, cute.... When I'm a thousand (hesitates)...I won't be."  Awesome.  

 We have been a bit busy these days in December... I guess he couldn't take it anymore :)

"You said you'd take me for a walk."  

Looking dapper in and ready for church

Baking like you've never baked before...yes, that would be 28 Chocolate Death cakes that I made for everyone on Joe's team.  You might say I'm a good wife and I might just agree.

 And saying goodbye to our dear friends whom we love so much, Gaby and Izzy Smith.  (And Leslie, Scott and Matthew of course!)  Gaby and Kate started Nido in 2nd grade on the very same day in the very same class.  Then we found out we were neighbors...and then Jake and Izzy were in the same class... and really...
It all just blossomed from there.  
We are going to miss you guys so much!!

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