Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amazonas Day 4: Marmosets, Poisonous Frogs and Other Jungle Treasures

 We made our way deeper in to the jungle and stopped off at a very rustic lodge run by the same outfit .  More of the camping feel if you know what I mean.  The rooms look like the one below and when the sun goes down, the generator only stays on for a short time after dinner and then you are in the dark.  Looking at those mosquito nets over the beds, I've always thought what a bummer it would be if even one mosquito was trapped inside with you at night!  I was getting attacked enough at night in our room with 4 walls, air conditioning and windows to close!

We had lunch, checked out the hammocks, and then tried to cover every part of our skin that was showing so we could venture deep into the jungle.  

 Termite homes below us.

 Luke mustered up quite a bit of courage to do this!  Kate was so proud :)

 Those are BIG palms


 And check out THAT termite nest.  ENORMOUS.  
That white foam like stuff at the bottom of the nest?  Frog eggs. 

 Jake stopped everyone to point out this cool happening... One leaf growing through another one.  Good eye, buddy!

 Mango Tree roots on the Amazon Floor as we walked along.  Hard to miss that brilliant red!!!

 It was hot.  Really humid.  And the Mosquitos were out to take us down, so we were covered as much as possible.  All of the sudden, we saw two guys coming toward us in shorts and t-shirts and NO SHOES.  Wow.  I had to have Jake capture this moment with me.  I could only imagine what little parasites and worms were begging to crawl into their skin.  

 Speaking of worms...This "home" was created by one.  I wondered how big that worm must be, because this was a big structure that had been constructed on the jungle floor!!!
 Here's another smaller one.  I really tried to wish those worms out of their holes, but it wasn't to be.

 Muddy and slippery and nice hot air :)

Our frog catcher found a cute one.

 Mounds and mounds of ant hills everywhere we turned.

 More frog eggs!

 Paddle Trees

 And Poisonous Frogs.  Amazing how these tiny things are so deadly.  

 Celso was trying to move some of the leaves so I could get a good picture and the frog jumped right onto his pants!  
 He didn't freak out until it hopped onto his shirt and was heading towards his neck.  He knew what this sucker could do and he quickly took something to swat it off of him before it came in contact with his skin.  

 "Corazon de Jesus"  Love the name of this plant in Spanish.  The heart of Jesus.

 And then we came upon the playful almost devilish looking Marmosets.  

 Look at those claws.  And that face.  Wouldn't want to make him mad.

This one found a piece of fruit that he was pretty excited about and apparently he wasn't going to share.

We finished off this venture with our first taste of Inca Kola.  
Surprising bubblegum soda drink.  

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