Saturday, December 27, 2014

Amazonas: Day 1 Ceiba Tops Lodge

 We went on about a 2 hour boat ride from Iquitos (by the way...look the city up on the's in the middle of no where) up the Amazon river to where we would be staying for the week.  
 It was interesting to see all of these little huts and river boats along the edge of the water...

 ...and then every once in a while we'd see these huge abandoned boats that look like they must have been pretty glamorous back in the day when Iquitos was the place to be due to the rubber industry that made it a spot on the map.

 The water is definitely brown.  There is no doubt about that!
 We made it to Ceiba Tops and couldn't wait to unload our things and see where we would be spending our time.  Had to get a picture of Kate in front of the "Amazon Queen." ;)
 These boats would be our mode of transportation.  There were no roads or cars connecting us to the next "town."  This was it.  
 Luke hit it off with our guide right from the start.  Celzo was the KINDEST man.  He was born and raised on the Amazon and was considered part of the "River People" until he moved to Iquitos with his wife and children.  
 Nice, hot and humid. 

 We unpacked our things and walked outside of our hut to explore our surroundings a bit and not 10 steps away there was a wild taper.  
 What a strange looking animal!  We could have watched it for the rest of the afternoon, but it was time to go on an afternoon hike.

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