Monday, December 29, 2014

Amazonas Day 3: The Sloth Just Might be our new Favorite Animal

We fell in love with this guy the instant we saw his face. 

Have you ever seen a sloth move?  
I had plenty of time to capture this footage ;)
I love the parrot hanging around in the background.
Watching the sloth make his way across the ground right before our eyes was unreal.  I can't believe they actually exist and are still alive in the wild!

Jake was the first one to hold the sloth.  He discovered a best friend and never wanted to let him go.
Look at that face!  That is pure joy.

Jake just wandered around the island with the sloth strapped to his front like it was his baby.  

Oh how he loved him.

GOOD THING this is the sweetest sloth ever.  Those claws were sharp but he didn't use them against us.  Just wanted to snuggle.  I think this is the kind of pet we need.  

Then it was Kate's turn.  

Then things got a little crazy :)
Sloth was totally posing for the picture too!
Jake and Luke weren't too sure what was going on with the monkeys
Sloth is kissing Kate while monkey is digging through my camera bag for treasures (same one that took the coins from our boat!)

We decided to let the sloth "hang out" for a little bit

And then it was Luke's turn!

So happy together

In the Comfort Zone

This is how most of the day was spent.  Exploring with Sloth in tow.
Protective papa?

Oh wait, just searching for bugs.

Joe's turn while Luke and sloth are making faces at each other.

You two-- say cheese!



My Turn!!!
Felt like I was holding a baby.  I LOVED it.

As Luke checked out our surroundings...

Kate and Jake took the liberty of bringing sloth back to his tree so it wouldn't take him 5 hours to get there on his own.  And of course they wanted to give him one last hug.  We were going to miss this guy.  He won all of our hearts over.  
Time to load back up into the boat and say goodbye.  We will never forget this.  

We didn't see this sign until we left.  Cracked me up!  "Don't feed the animals."  The head of the place gave us bananas right and left to give to the monkeys.  "Don't handle the animals."  
Ummmm..... I don't even know what to say.  

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