Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kauai 2014 -- Pier Jumping and a Little Underwater Bliss

There's nothing quite like jumping off the pier in Hanalei at sunset with your best friend.

It's pretty magical.  And that's a pretty sweet back flip, Brett.

Jake was asleep in the car, poor thing was sick at the beginning and end of our trip, but Luke wanted in on the big kid fun.  Here was his face when I told him he couldn't do it without his vest.   It was a high jump for a 3 year old and it freaked me out just a bit.  But with Dad he can do anything :)  He was pumped and came up with the biggest smile on his face.  

Underwater shots always make me smile.

Kate and Joe snorkeling


Our newest way to do family portraits.  It's great!  Don't have to worry about hair or makeup or what we are going to wear ;)


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