Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amazonas Day 5: The Streets and Markets of Indiana

We woke up to (and had a hard time sleeping because of) a torrential rainstorm.  We were supposed to visit a neighboring village that morning, and so we all donned our worn and dirty parkas yet again. They would not be making the trip home with us!

Look at this guy.  He looks like something out of a Star Wars film.  He melts me.  They didn't have children's parkas when I went to pick some up, so we improvised and cut/tore his so it would cover him up.  And did it ever!

Waiting for our little boat in the wet, wet, rain.  The kids asked, "Will we be in a covered boat?"  I didn't have the heart to tell them no, so I just said, "We'll see... I'm not sure! What an adventure this is!!!"  Hahaha.  It really, truly was.  They were AMAZING through the entire trip.  True to form...we have good travelers...there will always be some complaining.  That's a given.  But thank You, Chile.  You have done this for us!

We arrived to the little "port" of Indiana (The highest population of any of the villages in the Peruvian Amazon) and got off the boat to find men hard at work in the pouring rain doing a little importing/exporting.  I love the Dish Network in the background on that hut!

HUGE hearts of palm

And of course... Moto-taxis.  There were no cars out here... Just these things.  So, we all climbed into a couple of taxis and took off for a tour of the town.  
Here is "the girls" driver.  He has his plastic sheet up to protect himself against the rain.  
The boys were behind us.  This is the little road that connects the town of Indiana to it's neighboring village.  
Some of the houses along the main road.

We arrived at the center of town and headed inside to walk through the local market.  

 "Amazon Fast Food."  
America could use some TIPS!!!  When the people go out early on their boats to fish or plant/collect rice, they will grab one of these little bundles and take it with them.  The wrapped up leaves keep the food warm and when it's time to eat, they open it up to find chicken or fish and rice inside.

 Kate was having a heart attack.  She didn't love the feel of the market.  It was dark and everyone was staring at us, so I can understand that.  She kept saying, "Come on!  Let's go!  I want to leave." Every time I raised my camera she about fell over.  "Mom!  Stop doing that!  They don't like it!!!"  Here is a shot of her and her happy face ;)  It was true.  They don't like to be photographed.  You have to ask first if it's OK.  I did.  I wasn't breaking any rules.  But it was a bit unnerving for her.  

 See the little girl hiding behind all of that dried meat?  Yes.  She didn't want to be in the picture.  I showed her the picture after to make sure it was ok.  
 LOVE all of that color!

There was excitement in the air.

 It was New Years Eve.  So we made sure to tell everyone "Feliz Ano Nuevo" and they lit up when they heard it.  

 Yes.  That would be a turtle.  
 Hmmm.  I think we'd get violently ill if we ate any of this food.  Not sure the FDA would approve the methods of preparing and preserving these delicacies.  Hahaha.

 That is quite the kitchen!!!  She is one busy lady!!!
 I have gotten so used to seeing and buying eggs not refrigerated that it doesn't even phase me anymore.  I think it'll be strange when we go home to look for them next to the nice, cold, fresh milk!

 Yes.  Those are chickens.  Not sure how long they have been lying around in this hot weather.  The food science girl in me was trying not to think about this too much and was very grateful we weren't starving.  

 How thrilled Kate was to be out in the fresh air again.  
It was time to do a bit more exploring.  

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