Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Day of Rest

I was so excited to take Mom and Dad to church with us on Sunday so they can see how things function down here.  Just being able to show them the details of our lives was so much fun!  Mom came with me into Primary and sat with some of the boys in the back to try and help them with their reverence.  I was cracking up.  Mom has served in a plethora of different callings and has seen quite a bit during her time in church service.  As I was teaching, I looked back at her and her eyes were as big as golf balls.  I think mine were the same way on our first Sunday in the La Dehesa Ward.  It's a wonderful ward with some truly amazing people who have become dear friends to our family. 

 It also has unique challenges, especially in Primary.  We are trying to instill a love of the Lord to a group of children who either speak Spanish or English (a select few are bilingual).  Most of the leaders only speak Spanish.  So for the children who haven't learned the language yet, they aren't soaking up much and tend to lose interest quickly, thus losing that whole idea of reverence.  Haha.  We've come a long way, and have much wonderful progress, but still sometimes we have days like the one that Mom happened to be in.  Classic.  I'm actually glad she got a taste of it so when I tell her I'm taking a nap after church, she understands why :)
 We got home from church, donned comfy clothes and started up the grill.  It was time to sit in the backyard, eat some yummy food and just relax...together.  Heaven knows we needed a little time to recharge after all of the sightseeing we had been doing. 
 I found out during the weekend that our sweet 12 year old friend, Jhon Roque, whom I had taught in Primary and we had had his family over to our home on different occasions,  had been hit by a bus while waiting at the bus stop with his 8 year old brother and 14 year old sister after school.  They witnessed every gruesome detail.  Jhon was in critical condition.  My heart just ached and ached for their family and what they were enduring.  
I left Mom and Dad and Joe and the kids nice and cozy at home that night and went to the hospital to share our family's support and deliver a huge card that the Primary children had made for Jhon.  So grateful for forever families and for the peace that only our Savior can bring if we let Him in. 

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