Monday, December 29, 2014

Amazonas Day 3: More Monkeys

I took a lot of pictures.  
I mean A LOT.  

So, instead of throwing a bunch of random animals shots together, I'll put them into groups.  

Meet more of the Monkeys:

 As we walked away, the mother, with babe in tow,  followed us and leapt up onto a bench for a little shade and possibly some rest.  I couldn't get enough of them. 
 Unreal.  Capuchin Monkeys.
 Poor mom was tired.  She had been through a lot giving birth to this sweet thing 3 days before!  So her buddy decided to be helpful and comb through her hair looking for bugs.  How thoughtful!
 Next thing I knew it was lunch time for the baby... And yes, the friend was still picking... This poor mother.  I've seen that look before... oh wait!  On me!  Yes, on my own face and on the face of many moms who are clung to, stepped on, spilled on, talked to, cried to, yelled at.... Motherhood is tough.  It's also the BEST CAREER EVER and I'm so glad that Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to be one.  I'll love my kids something fierce forever and ever.
 But still there are days when you just feel like this.  And that's totally normal ;) 

 When Luke woke up and saw the monkeys climbing all over us, it freaked him out.  They were a little too intense for him.  But when he saw the little Squirrel monkey waiting for a banana from the owner of the reserve, he fell in love.  

 So glad they had a chance to get to know each other!

 Hanging out in the human hut.  They almost looked it was a little weird!

And with Joe...

 Doing what this guy does best... looking for bugs... Hahahaha!!!

 THANKFULLY  none were found

Apparently it was pretty shocking for this guy to find someone so groomed.  Well done, Joe.  Well done. 

 Literally played like this for a hours

 Pure heaven for these kids
 Why hold one when you can have two?!

 Apparently she finds someone she likes and gets attached.  I happened to be that person on December 29, 2014.
 Not to be left out, Woolly monkey #2 grabbed the ties on my pants and wrapped that insanely STRONG tail around me and made her way up.

 Meet Fernanda
 She's wearing her smile on the inside

And when she got really excited...
 Things could get a little crazy!!  Love my face in this one.  Cracks me up every time I see it.

 Joe totally beat him in the arm wrestle

 Like little baby hands holding onto my thumbs!

 The little guy finally made his way to Kate and she was beyond ecstatic.  


 Fernanda decided to tag along when we left to check out another part of the island.  Don't worry, she only peed on me once.  Right down my back.  Pretty good considering that she was with me for at least an hour. 


Working up a little confidence... 

 He knew how to impress :) 

 They were friends after that
 working through minor issues together
 and really having some good one on one conversation

 Some of my favorite shots.  

 Now this girl just kept creeping me out a bit
She's a Spider Monkey

Doesn't she?

 So I went back and stuck with these two.

 Our time was winding down.  We were sitting on the grass playing with a few of our friends while they grabbed our shoelaces and rolled around  and swung from our arms.  When suddenly, we noticed one of the monkeys had climbed onto our boat.  Jake went to survey the scene.
Luke followed.  Pretty standard.  Jake caught the monkey red handed.  He had climbed into the boat, found our drivers stash of coins in his backpack, grabbed it, and took off high into the trees.  Never to come down again while we were there!  And that's when we were told that this particular monkey had been stolen from the wild, trained by it's new owner to go among the masses in town and at markets to steal for him.  Not joking!!!  Don't worry.  We tipped our driver really well that day.  

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