Monday, December 8, 2014

Berryhill Family 2014 Christmas Countdown

We have done advent calendars in the past.  It was usually something like each day the kids got to take turns moving the candy cane one day ahead and then that child got to have the treat that was in the pocket for the day.  Well, last year, our calendar broke.  The kids were so sad.  "What are we going to do this year?!"  They worried and voiced their concerns in a slightly whiney tone.  

"We'll come up with something. Don't worry."  I replied.  Then I was told that I always say that and sometimes don't remember to come through on my promises.  Oh wow.  That always makes one feel good.  
As I sat waiting for Kate and Jake during swimming, I fell upon Grace Swaine's cute picture on Instagram of her kids decorating their tree.  Behind it looked like a classy, simple, homemade advent calendar.  I can do that!!!  I thought.  And so, I got to work...on November 30th.

Hours later, December 1st was here and I was just as excited for the kids to open the first envelope as they were.  Here's our list of what we are doing for December 2014.  We have a scripture that we are reading together every night, as well as an activity for the day.  It can be a service, a craft or just something fun to celebrate Christmas.


1.     Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7
 Make and hang mistletoe balls around our house…let the kissing begin!
2.    Luke 2:1-7
Call Grandparents to tell them how much we love them
3.    Luke 2:8-20
Family board game in front of our Christmas Forest, complete with snacks and festive music.
4.    Matt 2:1-12
Make edible Christmas trees out of ice cream cones, frosting and Christmas sprinkles.
5.    Matt 2:13-15
Everyone pick an instrument…we are going to learn to play a Christmas song together and maybe even send it to our family in the states for them to enjoy.
6.    Luke 2:40
It´s December 6th!  Let´s celebrate St. Nicholas by putting together care packages for the beggars at the street lights.  When they come to our car windows, we will have something special to give them!
7.    Luke 2:41-52
Roast marshmallows together on the roof
8.    Matt 3:13-17
Visit Santa Lucia…a fortress in the center of Santiago…and then come home and write thank you notes to the men and women serving in the US military who keep our country safe.
9.    John 9:1-17, 32-38
Write our letters to Santa
10.Matt 8:23-27
Choose a Christmas Craft with Mom
11.Matt 19:13-15
Make homemade caramel corn together
12.Matt 5:1-10, 6:9-13
Christmas movie night!  Invite our friends over in their jammies to come watch one of our favorite Christmas shows.
13.John 11:1-3,17-27,41-44
Go through our closets and find 5 nice toys each to donate to the local shelters.
14.Luke 17:11-19
Put together care packages for our local missionaries and present it to them when they come over for dinner today.
15.Matt 21:12-15
Make homemade snow globes
16.Matt 26:17-30
Make Christmas cookies as a thank you to bring to the guards who keep our condominium safe.
17.Matt 26:36-45
Make a red and green dinner together and eat it in front of our Christmas Forest.
18.Mark 14:42-46
Make homemade thank you cards and pick 3 people (piano teacher, librarian, swim coach, etc…) to give them to.
19.Luke 23:32-46
Make hugs and send them to the ones we love.
20.John 20:11-18
Shop for our pixie families and wrap their presents.
21.Luke 24:36-43
Collect all of our favorite Christmas books and snuggle together on the couch to read them together.
22.3 Nephi 11:1-17
Let´s go swimming… because we CAN!!!  Then let´s get our Christmas gifts wrapped.
23.3 Nephi 17:1-10
Make Christmas goodies and deliver them to our Santiago Friends.
24.JSH 1:14-20
Christmas Eve!!!  Our annual tradition of Nana´s lasagna, the nativity, and then pick a family member to write a love note to.  Leave it out for Santa to put in the stockings.

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