Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Big Day for this Big Guy

It was afternoon circle time and Ms. Amber was in the middle of talking with her students about respecting others personal space and boundaries, when Jake yelled out, 
"I JUST PULLED OUT MY TOOTH!!!!!"  Sure enough, there was that little sparkling white lower anterior in between his thumb and forefinger.  
 Jake bounced off to the nurses office and Ms. Amber called it quits on their discussion.  It was no use competing with the buzzing excitement of first graders discussing such a monumental event :)  
Loved the note with the tooth taped to it in his backpack.  

 And what a great excuse to go out and get watered-down Chilean milkshakes!!!  Looking forward to a really nice THICK shake in the future.  Luke doesn't seem to mind.  After all, he doesn't remember any different.
It's the juices and the flavored lemonades that I will miss like crazy when we finally leave this beautiful country.

Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate today, Jake!  We love you!

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