Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fire Up the Grill...Roche Work Party at Our Place

Remember back in August when we had to move?  We were going to be moving into a brand new home.  We were told it would be completed the beginning of June, so there wouldn't be any problem moving our things and our family in, in August.  Yes, well?  It wasn't finished.  There was  A LOT that wasn't finished in August.  And it still wasn't finished in September.  Oh, of course it'd be completed in October!  Of course!  We were just the renters.  So, we watched as the owners and hundreds of people were running through and around our home as they tried to finish and fix what had been started.  It was getting really old.

There's no better way to force the "maestros" to get their act together and finish the outside of the place than to tell them that we would be hosting a work event at our home in the middle of October.  Joe's fantastic finance department would be joining us at our home for a Parrilla.  
 I'm not joking when I tell you that the maestros were still at our house putting the grill together hours before people were to arrive.  And that was just to get us through our party.  They'd be back.  Because it wasn't even installed properly.  Sometimes I really love Chile ;) 

But the party was a success!  That was the most important thing!  What a wonderfully fun group of people Joe gets to work with.  I always enjoy the time I get to spend catching up with them and their significant others.  
 And the kids were BEYOND THRILLED to kick off our very first s'mores party on the roof of our new place with all of dad's friends.

 So thankful to Sandra for keeping a close eye on them and the flames while we ran around doing the hosting thing.  

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