Saturday, December 27, 2014

Amazonas: Day 1 First Hike

 We didn't waste any time.  After seeing the taper, "Bubbles", I believe was her name, we were off for an afternoon hike in the secondary rainforest.  

 It took only seconds before the rain decided to test our clothing to see if we packed appropriately.  I quickly learned that my new, lightweight, windbreaker was perfect for fending off mosquitos in this thick heat, but did nothing for me when it came to rain.  Too bad it was the only thing I brought.  This was definitely going to be a sweaty, wet, no makeup, ponytail kind of trip :)  

 It was pouring.  And we had successfully left all of our umbrellas and ponchos back in our hut.  Thought it'd just be a short hike.  Hahaha.  

 The rain didn't stop us from noticing the intricate beauty that hid deep within this forest.
 The natives use this seed for jewelry

 Ant hills.  They must be pretty big ones!
 Before Celzo could even finish asking if us if  we would like to touch the centipede, it was in Kate's hands.  She amazes me.  I think it took our guide by total surprise and he started pointing out every insect and creepy crawling thing to the kids.  It was the best!
 Jake was a very close bystander with the first one.  But by the 2nd centipede it was in his hands too!

 Things were a little slick.  
 Paddle Roots.  When you slapped them, they sounded hollow-- perfect for making oars.  

 What a great way to start off our time here!  We went straight from the hike to our room to get out of our sopping wet clothes and then headed to dining room for a delicious dinner and a show.

 The kids were EXHAUSTED.  Luke practically fell asleep on his dinner plate.  But Kate and Jake wanted to stay till the end so they could hopefully be picked to have the python wrapped around them.  They got their wish.  And I love their faces in these pictures.   It had been a full day and we didn't get much sleep on the plane.  We were ready for bed!!!


Jill said...

yay! the amazon posts are coming. I cannot believe your kids were holding that giant centipede. gross!!

Julie said...

Haha! I know!!!! I'm so behind!!! Joe is in San Francisco so I'm pulling some late nights :) miss you!!!!!!!!!