Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dia de Gracias

 Thanksgiving always seems a little out of place down here because everyone still has to go to work and school-- which totally defeats the purpose of listening to Macy's parade and smelling all of the deliciousness coming from the oven and participating in some type of physical sport the morning of the big day as we await the arrival of all of our family.  
 But such is life and it has been for the last 3 Thanksgivings.  So, I'm not complaining.  We find ways around this awkwardness.  We summon our friends who are our family away from family.  This year, Nate and Britany were the awesome ones to host and we had the best time with them and the Ordaz family.  
Britany had her home decorated so beautifully, fun craft tables for the kids, and there was PLENTY of delicious food (Thank you for the turkey, Nate!!!) for the adults to keep going back and back and back again while the kids ran around and entertained themselves :) 

 It was perfect.
 Jake, Lucas, Damon and Liam

 Luke, loving the mashed and sweet potatoes.

 Eli and Kate

 Britany, Tiffany and I trying to pose with some major photo bombing in the background.

 Moroni, Joe and Nate

All of the kids together.  What a wonderful day.  We could have stayed all night!  But had to get up for school and work the next day. That's just not right.

We were so blessed to have such great friends to celebrate with as we sent love to our families overseas.  I am truly grateful.  I love my life.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

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