Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

When I picked Kate up from school today, she started talking about her costume for school tomorrow.  Have to admit.  Hadn't given that one ANY thought.  I just finished unpacking boxes 2 days ago and wasn't in the mood to find my Halloween box and put up all of our decorations!  I did at least find some pumpkins.  Apparently they are pretty rare around here.  These little, awfully shaped ones, were $10 a piece!  We decided we'd let Kate and Jake design 2 for our whole family.  I gave Luke some oranges to color on...

When we did pull out our box tonight to find our carving stuff, THANKFULLY, Kate found a witches hat and was thrilled to wear that tomorrow, and Jake found a Where's Waldo outfit that would be perfect for Trick or Treating.  So grateful they were so easy this year.  Normally I try to coordinate costumes... that'll have to wait until next year :)  We'll see what Trick or Treating is like down here!  Should be interesting!  

Oh!!!  And do you notice that Kate is toothless in the front?  She will officially be a toothless witch tomorrow.  We are all getting used to her little lisp and I'm trying to find soft things to put in her lunches!  Hard to eat when you can't bite much :)

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