Friday, October 12, 2012

Our New Home

 One thing we discovered down here is that every house has an electric fence running around the outside.  Even though our new house is like 3 times the size of our home in California, it is called a condo because it is in a gated community. 
 Casa 16

 We live in the Andes Hills on the very Northeast tip of Santiago in Lo Barnechea and this is what we get to see every day.  Of course, the air quality isn't fantastic, so it usually isn't this clear, but this view is my favorite part of where we live.  I feel like I'm in an oasis.  I absolutely love it. 

 BBQ area and the garden is off to the right.

The inside isn't too exciting because it's still empty!  Hoping our furniture will arrive in the next couple of weeks...Until then we are camping out with rented beds and a sofa and some dishware...
Minimalists for the time being. 

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