Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Moments

Even though Luke is turning 2 in November, I still feel like he's my little babe.  His siblings took their time walking but not talking :)  Luke is taking his sweet time with everything.  The pediatrician is giving him a little leeway, considering he was a preemie.

 He did get his first haircut before we left.
Wasn't too sure about it--refused to put the bib on
 (I should have known that was coming because he has always ripped them off at home too) 

But suddenly this was the greatest experience ever when the binky was traded in for a lollipop!

And here are his first few steps!  When he hit 18 months and still wasn't showing any desire, we tried a little physical therapy for 2 months.  I guess it paid off :) 

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