Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adios Fiestas

Like my spanglish? :)  Despite all of the insanity, we were overwhelmed with the love, service and support that our friends and family POURED upon us--the babysitting, the dinners brought over (because you just don't want to cook right now), the errands run for me, the farewell parties, the goodbye BBQ's, the disposing of our junk to get ready for the renters, the phone calls, the storing of our appliances until they sold, the emails, the early morning donut run the day the movers came, the playdates and playdates and playdates and oh ya, did I mention, babysitting?  Grateful.  Extremely grateful.  Thank you SO MUCH for lightening our load.  I still gained 10 pounds from my nervous eating, but I felt extremely loved while doing so!
I realized I didn't take any pictures of all of our get togethers which saddens me.  But I'm grateful my Dad doesn't go anywhere without his camera.  Here are a few pics from one of our fiestas.
 The Captain
Cousin Lynne and JJ 
 Luke bonding with Uncle Chris
And BG 

Now we know why he likes Uncle Chris 
Where the fun always is
Thrilled to have perfected her "Pencil Dive"
Just Perfect. 

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