Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Kate!

When Kate found out we were moving to Chile, she sobbed.  Sweet thing is so tender.  She didn't want her family and friends to forget her and she was going to miss them so much.  I cried right along with her because I was going to miss everyone too.  Then she had her tonsils out and then we found out that Joe would still be in Chile over her birthday.  I decided despite the fantastic timing of it all, we could squeeze in a little 7th birthday party for her. When I asked her what she wanted for her cake, she made it that much easier on me without even knowing it.  "I don't really want a cake, Mom, can we have brownies?"  YES!  They had so much fun decorating their ceramics and being plenty loud.  It was a wonderful group of girls.  So glad it worked for everyone! 
 Gracie and Kate

 Shelby and Kate

 Trying the paintbrush out as a mustache
 Kate and Elise

 Norah and Kate
Reagan and Kate
Kate and her enormous bear from her cousins...thanks Jen. 
No, this won't be coming on the plane :)

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