Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Weeks in and Home Sick

Kate caught a cold from some germ from some part of the world, 2 weeks into school.  I kept her home one day and look who missed her.  We all did. 
The kids decided to give me a makeover.  Kate did my hair and makeup and Jake did the bows and jewelry.  I think it should be my new look.  Story about the earrings I have on--when we were in Hawaii, we were shopping, and Jake dragged me back to a store we had already been in.  I told him 3 different times that we had already been in the store.  When I finally followed him back, he took me to these earrings and said, "Mom, I NEED to buy these for you.  You'll look beautiful in them." 


anitamombanita said...

He's DO look beautiful!!

Alisa said...

Gorgeous as always :) You all are amazing! Love you!

Cajsa said...

Very cute! Nothing like having kids around to boost your self esteem! :)