Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Are You From?!

After checking out the animals at the zoo, we continued around the park to the very top, so we could see the view of the city.  We got out of the car and bought some cotton candy from a vendor and headed up the steps to see the Statue of the Virgin.  On our way, a man stopped me to ask if he could take a picture of Jake with his blond hair and pink cotton candy all over his face.  Then another couple walking down the steps asked us where we lived.  Joe answered, "Lo Barnechea," because as of a few days before, it was true.  They just laughed and then said, "No really, where are you from?"  You might say we stick out here.  We aren't the only blonds, but we are definitely a minority.  But I think our size is baffling to most :)  We were told Joe and I wouldn't be able to buy pants or shoes here.  They stop shoes at size 9. You can be sure I went on a shopping spree before we left :) 

 Luke's signature grin-- every time we say "Smile," he pulls this face

Some random dude who wanted to have his picture taken with Jake as we were climbing into our car.  Maybe we should start requesting tips like everyone else here does :)

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