Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quite Typical

Joe left for Brazil yesterday for a week.  We have worked it out so he drives Kate to school in the morning at 7am, so I can let the boys sleep a little bit.  Now that he's gone, I've got to get everyone up and out the door to drop her off.  Not that big of a deal, but Jake is now sick.  I hate waking a sick kid up when I know sleep is what he needs.  But we were up and out this morning.  On our way home from saying goodbye to Kate, I was telling Jake that he needs to drink tons of water to get better quicker.  This is how our conversation went:
Me:  "Jake, when we get home, I'm going to get you lots to drink, lots of oranges--"
Jake: "Because it's good for me?"
Me:  "Yes, and lots of strawberries..."
Jake: (As he does kind of a snort) "And DEFINITELY lots of spinach."
Way to go buddy. 

This afternoon I had a couple of errands I needed to run before we went back to school.  I went to the bank to change the password on my new credit card.  Joe told me I'd have to use my debit card to unlock the door to get into the bank where the ATM machine was.  I was proud of myself for keeping track of the boys and reading all of my Spanish cues correctly at the machine and changing my password without a glitch. Feeling pretty good, I said, "Come on boys, let's go get our carrots."  I pushed on the bank doors to walk out to the Jumbo grocery store and they didn't budge.  I pulled.  Nothing.  Jake asked why we were locked in.  I had no idea!!  I looked for a slot on the inside of the bank to slide my debit card in to unlock the doors and nothing!  I looked around and no one seemed to notice that the three of us were locked inside the bank.  I started to laugh.  I looked outside as I faced the doors, and a man happened to be walking by and noticed my dilemma.  Without slowing down (probably thinking what a lame-o I was), grabbed his debit card, unlocked the door from the outside and kept going.  "Gracias!!!"  As I walked toward the grocery store, I made a mental note to find out how get out of the bank before returning.

At the Jumbo, Jake found a Devil's pitchfork that he thought was so cool.  Begged me for it.  I told him no.  "Can I at least hold it while we walk around the store?"  He just loved the fact that it gave him a "longer arm."  Sure, that wouldn't be a problem.  When I got up to the front to check out, I handed the fork to the lady and said, "Gracias, pero no lo quiero."  She smiled big and checked the toy and bagged it for me.  Trying to take advantage of me by pretending she couldnt' understand my Spanish?  Possibly.  I could have fought her on it, but Jake's eyes were so big and he yelled out, "I can have it?!  Oh mom!  Thank you!  You're the best mom ever!" 
Nice.  I let it slide. 

I made my last box of brownies tonight that I brought with us from the US and while I was pouring in the ingredients, I found Jake playing with Luke with a big, black plastic bag over Luke's head.  I screamed.  Explained NEVER to do that again and then instead of pouring
2/3 cup of oil in my batter, I poured 2/3 cup of water.  Nice again.  No wonder my batter was so watery!

Then the phone rang and it was my new friend Leslie.  Her daughter, Gabriella, and Kate both started the 2nd grade in the same class on the same day.  The girls hit it off.  Leslie had just moved into their home and was calling to ask where we lived.  Turns out we are in the exact same complex.  What a blessing!  Another walking-distance-playmate.

Breathtaking sunset tonight from my kitchen window.  The sky was clear and the Andes Mountains were pink.  I stopped doing the dishes and went out to enjoy it.  I love my backyard. 

Highs and lows.  Quite Typical.


Sue said...

Sounds like you are handling it all like a pro. And with a sense of humor!


Miss V_ said...

haha love the spanish miss julie...