Friday, October 12, 2012

Blunder #2

Everything seemed to be going relatively smoothly...of course I hadn't had to really go anywhere or do anything yet :)  The kids were LOVING their new home and finding ways to keep themselves entertained even though we don't have much to play with. 
Suddenly, in about 30 minutes, it all fell apart.  The gardener, pool man and the maintenance guy to fix the windows all decided to come within 10 minutes of each other.  While I was trying to communicate with one of them, I found that the kids were up to their knees in mud with the hose in the garden.  I went to pick Luke and his soaked blanket up, and realized he had blown out his diaper as well.  I ran upstairs to put him in the bath, and in the 5 minutes it took me to clean him and get him dressed, I hear downstairs, "Oh No! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."  And then sobs.   I run down and see in the corner of our floor to ceiling glass, sliding doors, this:
Hadn't even been in the house for 1 week and we busted a window.  I was furious!  I threw Jake in timeout and then the doorbell buzzed.  Ali, Joe's bosses wife, had come by to see how we were settling in.  I opened the door and thankfully, I just love the woman, looked at her and said, 'We were doing really great until about 3 minutes ago!!"  She just swept right in and got the kids talking and me laughing.  I'm so grateful to know her. 
I found out later, that Kate and Jake were wanting to make crystal necklaces out of the rocks in the backyard.  Kate said they had to somehow break the rocks into smaller pieces, and since we didn't have tools, she was showing Jake how to throw them against the ground to break them.  Jake over shot his rock and it went right into the window.  We really need our toys :)  Still don't know how much that one is going to cost.  Been waiting for the estimate for a couple of weeks now. 

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Cajsa said...

What? No costco?! :)