Sunday, October 28, 2012



Yes, our things finally arrived this last week.  

 We put the boxes to good use while we opened and sorted and put away everything inside of them.

 It really felt like Christmas!  It was so exciting to see and find things that reminded us of home!

And we finally found HIM.  The kids asked constantly, "Where's Snowball?  Where's the bear?" 

Even though Snowball is Kate's-- Luke adores him and snuggles with him whenever he can steal the chance. Good thing he got some time in while Kate was at school :)

We've spent all week going through everything and getting the house put together.  I LOVE the fact that I don't have to cram my closets full to the point of overflowing.  Love love love it!  We put the last two boxes out on the side of the house this morning.  Ahhh.  It feels sooo good.  The only things we found missing are, the microwave, fondue set, a couple of my big pots, laundry detergent and some of Joe's tools.  Hoping that maybe they "misplaced" a box or two and will soon find it... Who knows.  It just feels good to have the computer and office all set up, and our clothes in our closets.

I guess I have to get into a routine of some sorts... I'm settled in now, right?!  It's time to wipe the cobwebs out of my running shoes.  Heaven knows this Chilean needs it... BAD!!!


Sue said...

It's always better once you've got your own things around you. Now you can get down to business!


Miss V_ said...