Friday, October 5, 2012

The Best Surprise Ever

Originally Joe and I had planned to leave for Chile to find a home, 4 days after Kate had her tonsils removed, but I just wasn't feeling good about that.  Then I found out that Matt was putting together a little something for Jen's 40th birthday the day after we would leave and I knew I couldn't miss it.  No way.  I had to be there for my sister's big celebration.  I'm not great at keeping things hidden from Jen.  I talk to her every day.  But I decided I'd try.  I told her we were leaving on Friday, August 3rd to head down and find a house...when in reality we changed our tickets to Sunday the 5th, so we could be there for her party on the 4th.  You wouldn't believe the fibbing that went on!  I'm so glad I was already supposedly out of the country with a cell phone that didn't work, because I wouldn't have been able to lie!  Mom and Dad--you did a fantastic job :)  Haha!  THANK YOU!
 Don't know how you pulled it off. 

But when we walked into Jen's house on Saturday night it was all worth it.  Maybe it was because it was her big 40th.  Maybe it was because we both knew we'd be thousands of miles apart soon and that was unbearable to process.  Whatever.  I didn't need 2 extra days in Chile anyway.  I'd be there soon enough.  Happy Birthday, Jen!  I'm so blessed I get to call you my sister. 

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