Sunday, March 30, 2014

"You've Gotta Come Home Right Now!"

 Jake and I had just walked into his first swim class for the semester.  New kids, different coaches...he was a little hesitant.  As he was dipping his toes in the pool and I'm holding his hand telling him he's going to love it (which he does!), my phone started ringing.  I answered it on one of the last rings as I'm walking away from Jake.  "...Luke cut his chin.  I think you need to come home now."  
 When I heard "cut his chin," I was invisioning a little scrape. I told Joe where the Neosporin and the oils were and of course the bandaids.  "I'm not leaving.  Jake literally just got in the pool."  
Maybe Joe should have said, "Luke was running down the hallway and tripped.  His hands were full of crayons, so he let his chin take the force of the fall, and split his chin open on the hard tile.  There's blood everywhere."  Then, I would have dropped everything and grabbed Jake from the pool he had just hesitantly entered, and met them at the hospital!  Joe ended up taking him to the ER and they sent them to a different hospital, because poor Luke needed a pediatric plastic surgeon.  That's where I met up with them.  They hadn't even noticed yet that my poor babe's tooth was broken in half as well.  He was unbelievable when the doctor was working on him.  Not a squirm or a scream.  He just lay there and looked at us with the calmest look on his face.  He was actually interested in the fact that he could read his name on his wrist.  Thank heavens for that!
 After the doctor got him bandaged up we went straight to the ER dentist right there at the hospital.  Once again, not one moan or groan. And he hadn't even had a real dental cleaning yet!!!  
My poor little Luke!  Our first child to have to go to the ER for an accident like this.
 We waited a week to see if he would need to have the tooth extracted.  I kept reminding him to chew on his good side (which in fact, turned out not to be so good either--he chipped half of his enamel off of that molar too!), so this is what he would do:  
After that week, we sadly ended up having to pull his tooth.  When I went in with him to the office, I asked if they had any nitrous oxide and she said no.  They can knock the kids out cold, but the anesthesiologist wasn't available on such short notice.  I was sick!  My baby hasn't even had a cleaning yet (yes, I'm still stuck on this fact), and now he is getting his canine pulled?!!!  She asked if I would lie down in the chair with him and just like a champ, he opened his mouth and never made a peep.  I think at one point I was squeezing his hands harder than he liked, and he wiggled a little bit.  Not one cry.  And the fracture was deeper than the x-ray showed, so she ended up having to take it out in pieces.  
Sweet, sweet Luke.  He just looked at the dentist and didn't say a word to her or to me the entire way home.  After a major snuggle fest, I told him he could have as many popsicles as he wanted that day, and suddenly his eyes were bright and that was it.  You AMAZE me, Luke.  Every time a prayer was said that first week after he had been through so much, if one of the kids forgot to mention Luke's chin and tooth, he would announce that it was his turn to say the prayer. "...and bwess my toof and my chin..."  Now, since he is feeling better, he announces BEFORE anyone says the prayer, "not my toof and my chin.  I ok."  
He's not out of the woods yet, but I'm sooo glad he feels OK.  What a brave soul.  My absolute FAVORITE though, was when he came home after spending so much time in the hospital that first night.  He was cold and wanted to warm up, so he asked for hot chocolate.  It went like this:
"Can I have some hot cochit with marshpillows?"  
And that is why I love this stage.

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