Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lake District Mega Road Trip: Part 4 Bariloche

As we were coming back from our beautiful drive, we decided to take Route 82 out to Lago Gutierrez and see what it had to offer.  

There were a couple of hikes that lead to waterfalls and beautiful vistas. 
 Can't really go wrong with either in my book... So we did both :)
Kate always impresses me with her ability to hike.  She thrives on being "the scout" and getting up the trail before the rest of us.  I LOVE it. 

It was quite the incline to get to this vista.  We literally were grabbing onto roots and branches to pull ourselves to the top at the end! 
The kids did great, although I'm not sure why Luke is pulling this face: 
He was being carried almost the entire way :)

Love this family of mine.   There was another couple from Buenos Aires up at the top who took this photo for us.  When they heard us speaking English, they started throwing out every famous actors name they could think of to show us that they understood a little English.  It was hilarious.  "You look like you are from Hollywood!"  They beamed with big grins.  Gotta love it.
Sometimes I forget that big Jake is still in a little 5 year old's body.  I love little bodies.  He's not our "scout."  He likes to hang towards the back (ok, the very back) and drag his feet a bit when the going gets tough.  It can be painful at times.  REALLY painful.  You wanna just swat him on the bum and tell him to MOVE.   But we also get to have those moments when we are holding hands and that little 5 year old hand is in mine and I say, "Jake, do you have any idea how much I love holding this hand?"  And immediately the tiniest grin on the right side begins to form and he says, "SO MUCH."  I go on about how his hand fills my hand with so much love that it fills my whole self up with pure joy.  "Ahh, Mom!"  And he tries to pull his hand away from mine to see what will happen.  I fake cry a bit and he laughs.  And then he starts into one of his BIG BRAIN ideas and forgets for a little while that his legs are tired.  

Lago Gutierrez turned out to be a great side venture!  I'm so happy we took to a little more exploring before the weather went really south.

After descending from the trails, we looked at our shoes and decided they were a good indication that we had enjoyed ourselves.  Kate's once cute, pink, tennies, were literally black.  And the rest of ours weren't too far behind when it came to dark hues.  We climbed into our car and decided it had been a wonderfully, full, day.  
It was time to get some fondue.  

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