Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Death by Dance"

For months now, when Kate has come home from playdates, she has mentioned that she and her friends are writing a play.  Complete with sets and costumes.  I thought that it would eventually be forgotten, but I was mistaken.  This was serious.  So, Karen mentioned to me that we should allow the girls one practice with all of them together, and then one dress rehearsal the day of the performance.  A potluck was organized and suddenly a fun Saturday afternoon was planned!
 The girls wouldn't let anyone help or even know what the play was about.  When we arrived the evening of the performance, there were programs that were titled, "Death by Dance."
 The cast members:
Alli, Del, Sam, Kathryn, Sarah, Kate and Melissa

 Some of the kind and patient audience members

 After a fantastic show filled with a story line, a pretty darn good plot, some musical and dance solos, 3 acts, and a lot of laughter, the girls were surprised with flowers for all of their hard work.  They were loving every single second.  
The moms had just as much fun being together as the kids did!  Thank you ladies for a wonderful memory! And thank you Karen for making it special and making it happen!

The girls are already discussing "Part 2."  

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