Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our First Visitors!!!

Our last week of summer we had our VERY FIRST VISITORS come see us.  I almost couldn't believe it when Mariah Blaisdell Robins called me up a few months ago and asked if she and Chris could come stay for almost a week.  Do you even need to ask?!!!!  I was beyond thrilled with a twinge of nerves at the thought that I would now be a tour guide in Santiago, Chile.   Did I know the streets well enough?  Could I carry the Spanish conversations well enough if we got into trouble and Joe wasn't around?!!  That wave of nerves disappeared almost instantly when I remembered that the times when we got lost or ran into trouble were the ones when we laughed the hardest together.  I really wanted to see my BYU Jerusalem soul mate and her incredible hubby.

 Chris and Mariah had 6 days with us.  After the successful airport pickup and an overjoyed reunion, they opened up their suitcases.  It was like Christmas all over again with their good tidings and gifts!  Let's just say they were going to go home a lot lighter than they arrived!  Favorite cereal, toys, sunscreen, sweets, Goldfish, cocoa powder... the suitcases were bottomless pits of fun.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for spoiling us rotten!  We couldn't stop squealing! It was time to show them around town.  We went to lunch and then visited San Cristobal, so we could ride the funicular up the hill to get a good look at Santiago.
At the top
 That night when Joe got home from work, we took them out to a yummy Peruvian restaurant
(Peruvian food is hands down better than Chilean food.  We learned that pretty quickly after arriving in the country :) ) After a LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG flight, and a somewhat busy first day, the Robins were ready for bed.  After all, the following morning the adults would be hopping on a plane to spend a couple of days in Buenos Aires!!!  (That'll be a separate post.)
When we got back from Argentina, we took a drive up to beautiful Zapallar, to enjoy a little sand and sun.  Coming from blistery Utah, these two were thrilled!!!
 Kate made a new friend...

...and I got to hang with one of my oldest and dearest.

Absolutely love beautiful friendships and places.


Jill said...

I remember Mariah! she looks exactly the same. that's so fun they were your first visitors! when are your parents and Jen coming down!! do you ask them that all the time? :)

Debra said...

I thought she looked familiar! Fun! I'll email you tonight.