Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quintay...One of Our New Favorites

What does one do in January and February in Chile?  Go to the beach!!!
Zapallar has been our favorite beach to date.  But over the summer, we found another that tops the charts as well, and it's even closer!  So we went a few times.  Here are some of those memories: 

 When you get a group of friends to go with you, it's even better :)
 Quintay has a pool area right up from the beach.  Thanks to our friend, Claudia, we were able to enjoy that too :)
 Mason was a sport to hang out with all of us younger folk
 Kate, Sarah and Alli, braving the COLD water.
 Jake and Luke doing the same

 The girls loving the freedom to run, splash and play

 Luke and Emily 
 I just love this face

 When the Whitt's and Berryhill's get together, it's endless fun.

These guys are forever happy with sand on their am I.

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