Monday, March 31, 2014

Kate: The Eagle Ray

So many events lately for the kids to show their support for one another!  Sadly, Joe has been in Switzerland for the last 2 weeks, so he has only been able to participate through pictures and phone calls.  We went this last weekend to Kate's first swim meet of the semester.  Her team suit that we bought last semester no longer fits.  Nice. 
They just look so cute out there. She is doing incredible on the Junior A team.  Considering that I threw her on a swim team when she was 4 and she was drowning at almost every practice...her form has improved a thousand times over.  She looks amazing.  She reported that her favorite stroke is breast, but her fastest is back stroke.  She likes free and can't quite get the hang of fly yet.  No rush :)  
After the meet, she received a certificate, a pin and a chocolate medal.  
Her coaches know what the kids like :)

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