Sunday, March 30, 2014

Father Daughter Dance March 2014

It's our favorite time of year again!  We have a tradition of going out and getting a new dress for the special event.  It's almost impossible to find cute dresses down here.  Maybe I still haven't found the goldmine yet, but I've talked to quite a few locals, and they say the same thing.  They just don't make a lot of cute dresses for the preteens and teenagers.  I was a little worried that we had waited till the last minute.  I told Kate we could go shopping the weekend of the dance.  She suggested accessories too because now she has her ears pierced.  Oh boy.  "Oh, and by the way Mom, none of my shoes fit me."  Looks like we'd be searching for those as well.
 I happened to be out on Friday when Kate was in school, picking up a birthday present for one of the kids friends, and lo and behold, I see this random, stylish dress, hung in the wrong spot.  Wow!  That's a good one!  I started looking around for where the rack was so I could see if there were any others.  There wasn't one.  This was it.  I said under my breath, "There's no way this will be her size."  I peaked at the tag and it was PERFECT.  I was floored.  That's the easiest I have ever had trying to find clothing down here!!!  Thanks for that little blessing!  I bought the dress and then when I got home, made a big deal about how we could still go shopping for shoes and accessories for the big night.

 After all, it's the process that makes it fun, right?
We hit the shoe shops and quickly found out that there is no way her feet are fitting in girls shoes anymore.  It was time to go to the Ripley's Women's Shoe Department.  Oh, did we feel grown up!  Kate grabbed heels that I couldn't even walk in and asked to try them on.  It was a blast.  Thankfully, we were able to find a couple of pairs that would work for an 8 year old.  It's only the beginning, my love.  I only pray your feet won't reach my lengths (Nope, that wasn't a typo-- remember that 1.5 size difference between the two?!)  Anyway, I've had plenty of experience, so if yours continue to grow at a rapid rate, I know where to go!!!

I was getting Kate ready in the bathroom, and Joe walked in to start getting ready as well, and she yelled, "Get out!!  Dad!  You can't see me yet!" Joe literally just eats this up.  He has so much fun with her at these things.

Love these two so much
I told Kate she was so lucky that she gets to start these dances so early!  I had to wait until I was 13 before I went to one.  But I told her that BG and I made up for it by dancing till our feet hurt so badly that we couldn't take another step.  Every year for 4 years.

You look beautiful and your date is hot!  Go have fun and dance the night away :)

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