Monday, March 31, 2014

Jake's Turn to Take the Stage

Kate wasn't the only one who took to the stage this month.  The kindergartners at Nido had a session in school where they learned all about writing, directing, and casting their own play.  Each class came up with their own story, the characters, the dialogue and the sets.  Then the families were invited to come and watch it in the Nido Theater. 
 We have to be in our car at 7:05am every morning in order to get to school on time.  At 7:01, the day of the big show, Jake decided that instead of the blue outfit he was going to wear for his astronaut costume, he had to design his own shirt--complete with pockets and badges that astronauts where.  The blue shirt we had picked out had nothing to do with space!  He couldn't possibly be in his big production without the proper costume.  I'm normally yelling at this point to get in the car, if the kids are taking their own sweet time.  But the enthusiasm was too great, I couldn't squash it.  I grabbed the first white shirt I could find and threw a sharpie at him.  "You have 2 minutes."  In those two minutes, he created his masterpiece.  Finally, he felt proud, and ready to get up on stage.  

I love his "J's"

Here are the astronauts on their very important mission
Jake was so cute.  He walked around with this silly grin on his face the entire time.  Didn't want to put his astronaut helmet on though... I wasn't sure why...

The final bow... the kids were feeling pretty, darn good.  
It was great!  Kate and I laughed the whole 20 minutes :)
 Jake and Paden in some intense conversation after the performance.  I couldn't even get them to look at me... I'm kind of glad they didn't.  This was much better :)
When the boys finally did make it outside, I asked the astronauts to put their helmets on, so I could get a shot.  That's when I realized why Jake never wanted to put his on!!!  I think they made his helmet when he was sick last week and just estimated his his size...  It wasn't quite large enough :)
Contemplating the stars
Sigh... I can't get enough of the helmet.  I love it.  I love him more.  Great job, Jake!  We were so happy we got to see you perform!

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