Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lake District Mega Road Trip: Part 12 Pucon

When we left Huilo Huilo, we left all of our plans and reservations behind. Two more days with the open road ahead of us.  Where would we spend it?  Pucon called out to us and after quite a few rejections and grumbling tummies and attitudes, we were almost ready to throw in the towel and just head home.  It was such a cute town, that I suggested we at least get something to eat before another 8 hours on the road.  Lo and behold, we found Latitude 39.  The MOST INCREDIBLE restaurant we have found yet that most resembles delicious American cuisine.  Turns out that the couple who owns it is from San Diego.  Nicest people.  It was our saving grace. With YUMMY food in our stomachs, we all had a fresh outlook, and were able to make a reservation at the Grand Hotel for the night. 

 Check out the view from our hotel room at 9 o'clock in the morning...
And then again at 4 in the afternoon!  All I have to say is, I like my space a little more than Chileans must.  Having someone else's umbrella right next to my thigh, isn't my idea of relaxation :)

 We decided we needed a little pool time...

 and then when the lifeguard started passing out blue caps to everyone, we decided it was time to call it good and go check out the town :)

 Behind us is Mt. Villarica.  A volcano that you can hike to the top of.  Something I would LOVE to do with Joe, but impossible to do with the kids.  We've had friends do it and it looks AMAZING.
 Italian dinner picture, courtesy of Kate.
 Having fun meandering around town that night.  The atmosphere was so great.  We were so happy that we decided to stay.
 Doing a little shopping in the markets

 Luke feeling remorseful after his first, and let's call it and say his last experience swiping something off of a table without paying for it.  At least he's younger than I was, when I learned that lesson :) 

 We took a final walk down by the lake before it was time to head home.  As Joe was checking us out of our hotel, I was gathering some things to put in the car, and when I walked back into the hotel, I saw this:  
 I think we have a problem.  Are there some tendencies I should be aware of ?  ;)
 Goodbye Pucon!  What a perfect way to end our trip.
After 9 days, 2 countries, 4 stopovers, and plenty of delicious food and even better memories, it was time to head home.  
We were ready.

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