Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer Fun

Not only did we hit the beach during the summer, we also had a great time close to home!  
Backyard camp outs with friends

Cleaning out our Bodega (storage) and finding some gems  

 Hitting some of our favorite parks

 and showing off our skills

 Watching Lucy's "spa" day in front of our house

 Lots of bubble baths

Celebrating friends birthdays

 Witnessing our first grassy truck

Raiding the Halloween box
And even more backyard camp outs with Dad
 The kids had been looking forward to this all summer long.  

 It was a complete hit!  
 I'm so glad I remembered to turn the sprinklers off :)
 Oh, how I LOVE Summertime.  


Jill said...

grassy truck?? what the heck was that??

Julie said...

haha! I know! A marketing technique for a gardener or something. I have no clue!!! We were cracking up :)