Friday, March 14, 2014

Lake District Mega Road Trip--Part 2 Bariloche

With all of the chocolate, fondue, and a town square like this one, Bariloche really makes you feel like you are in Switzerland!

After completely indulging ourselves in all sorts of tastes, we thought it best to get out of town and really see Bariloche.  It's what we like to do best.  So, we packed up for the day, and as we were heading out from our hotel, I found Luke ready to go. (We stayed at the Best Western Villa Sofia Hotel and loved it.  Plenty of room for all of us, and close enough to downtown so we could walk to all of the restaurants if we weren't too exhausted)
Check out the flip flops.  He was killing me!  
The skater dude couldn't wait a moment longer.  
The first thing we did was head to the mountains.  We took a ski lift up to Cerro Campanario, and although it was starting to look like rain, we were sooooo happy we did it. Completely worth it.  
Check out the view and you will see why:

It was a tad windy and frigid at the top, but it didn't stop us...
Well...we did decide a little hot chocolate and croissants couldn't hurt from the little shop on top.  
We didn't want our insides to freeze!
Now that's a nice look, Jake.  The hat over the hood over your jacket.  Stylin'.

Luke and Jake were really wishing they were St. Bernard's at this moment.  They wanted to go in and check out the cool dog house.

 I always love doing this in ultra high places:  it's the ONLY time my feet look small :)

What a beautiful ride!  We loved this!  There was the Cerro Ocho hill as well, that we heard was fantastic.  But the weather turned so ugly, that the lifts were shut down.  We never got a chance to see it and compare.  We were fine with it.  There was PLENTY more to do and see.

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