Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sociedad de Socorro del Barrio de La Dehesa

Relief Society.  I've only been 2 times the entire 3 years we have lived here.  But man these ladies are a riot.  They LOVE games down here.  LOVE THEM.  So, usually at each activity some type of game is thrown into the evening.  I just happened to win this one ;)
My dear friend and tallest Chilean I know, Valy Pardo and I.  Object of the game:  Take the other person's masking tape off of their nose and have it stick to yours.  No hands.  
I won ;)

Angela Melendez y yo.  Yo gane ;)
Francisca Osses and I:  Oh I felt so bad winning to this sweet one.  I gave her my prize!
Yep.  I'm a winner.  And so are all of you :)  
I LOVE the ladies in this ward.  They are so much fun.  

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