Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stumbling Upon Some Scenic Views

We picked quite a few peoples brains before we came to Rio.  We wanted to hear about our local friend's favorite places to eat and things to see and do.  We had printed out and highlighted our list of must dos and on that list was a breakfast place that Joe's friend recommended.  Seeing that breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day, we knew we had to try this place out.  So, we flagged down a taxi and made our way to the address.  After getting everyone out of the car and taxi speeding away, we made our way to what we thought was our destination as the darkening clouds suddenly enveloped the sky.  It wasn't super clear as to where we needed to go, but it sure was beautiful!  All we knew was that breakfast was in the park in Lagoa.

Wrong park. 
So we flagged down another taxi while Kate read her book.  This guy took us to the right park in Lagoa.  Rain drops were beginning to fall and I had forgotten our umbrellas.  
Wow!  We were surprised at how beautiful Lagoa's parks were!  And were intrigued with the architecture ahead of us!  So, we wandered toward it, excited to see what lay ahead and ready to eat ;)
What a view!  If only the clouds would clear so we could see the Cristo a little better!

There was some art exhibit going on inside that we checked out...
and I couldn't help but take a few shots...

Enough with the pictures.  Let's eat.  We made our way to someone who looked official and asked him to point us in the direction of the restaurant.  The restaurant apparently closed just a few months prior to our visit.  Darn it!!!  Time for Plan B and we had better make it quick.  People were getting slightly grouchy on our empty stomachs and drizzles were turing into drops.

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