Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lunch on the Lake

I'm going to back up to our flight from Sao Paulo to Rio for just a moment.  As we stood in line waiting for the flight attendants to tell us we could start making our way down to the airplane, the kids were getting a little fidgety.  We had been standing there for a LONG time and no one had much sleep the previous night.  Suddenly, this arm goes past my face and it's hand slaps Joe on the back and then a voice says, "Sir."  I was tired.  Really tired.  So, it startled me.  When Joe turned around, his eyes got big and he threw his arms around the guy. 
The guy turned out to be Manuel, a good friend of Joe's from Roche in the Sao Paulo office.  He was heading home to Rio for the weekend.  He and Joe continued to catch up and as we were finally able to board the plane, we discovered that we were even sitting next to one another on the airplane.  Not every day in South America that you run into your friends at the airport :)  Manuel was so kind.  He gave us so many tips and great advice and told us to call him and we could go out for lunch.  He recommended a great place right on the water of Leblon Lake.  And so, after our excursion on the water that morning, we headed to meet Manuel for lunch.  
This is how Kate managed to get to the restaurant.  She is the cutest thing ever.  She brought her books with here wherever we went and did this almost the entire trip!  I kept having to remind her to look up so she wouldn't run into anything!

We made it to the restaurant...

Someone wasn't very happy about the display.  Pobre Pescados!

We found Manuel and sat down outside to overlook the lake.  It was beautiful! 
Kids were happy...

We were all happy!  
A few candids courtesy of Jake.  

One thing we know for sure:  Manuel is an awesome guy!  
We had such a blast having lunch with him.  

Thank you, Manuel, for being so kind to our family.  
Looking forward to running into you again!  

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