Saturday, February 7, 2015


To celebrate our successful attempt #2, we decided to go home, get into some dry clothes and head out to eat at a Brazilian restaurant called Zuka's that was right around the corner from our little flat.   
Luke ordered a grape juice that was twice his size and some of the best we have every tasted!  Joe said it reminded him exactly of the grape juice his dad made growing up on the ranch.  It was that good.  Everyone ended up ordering a glass.
Kate decision to try a sip of Jake's grape juice before her own drink, proved to be detrimental.  
That tartness was a little overwhelming!
Jake loves his dad sooooooooo much.
Every single thing we ordered was amazing.  We even tried the controversial Foie Gras that the place is known for.  It kind of reminded me of the time when I tried cow tongue at a french restaurant in Napa with Mom and Jen.  Glad I can say I've tried it.   Wasn't disgusting at all, but probably would never feel the need to order it again.
No pictures of the food.  We gobbled it up way too fast :)
All in all.  It was delish.  We rolled ourselves out of that restaurant and slept very well that night!

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