Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting out of Town

The next day we packed our bags, rented a car, and headed through and then out of town as we made our way toward the beaches of Busios, where we would be spending the last half of our trip.

I just love the old with the new side by side

Favelas-- the slums of Rio-- but they make for some great panoramic views!  These are brick homes that are stacked on top of each other clinging to the hills they are built upon.  

Of course the day we left, the Cristo is surrounded by nothing but blue skies!!!  I bet the view was incredible.  We weren't going to go for an attempt #3 though!!!  We were already on the bridge and heading out of town.  
Look at that church wedged right into the mountain!
And there it is.  The city of Rio from the other side of the bay.

And there they are.  Our 3 incredible travelers.
And there's Sugarloaf
Our last look at the city before we headed south 2.5 hours for some true relaxation time.
You were good to us, Rio.  Thank you.

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