Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rio: Sugar Loaf

The following morning we awoke to a very wet Rio.  Apparently it hadn't rained in Rio for 3 months, which is VERY unusual.  Everyone was thrilled for the drops...everyone except maybe the tourists :)  
 There was still some blue in the sky, so we grabbed a taxi and decided we better try to get to Sugar Loaf before the entire city was covered in clouds.  

 We got in line to purchase our tickets....

 And then it was time to head up to the top!

 We made it up to the first lookout point.  

 And it was quite a sight to see!

In case of emergencies?!

Oh how I love those 4 bodies

Love that little community wedged between the mountains.


 A little glimpse of our next viewpoint.  
 A friend at the top...although he doesn't look incredibly cordial, does he?!


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